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Related article: Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:53:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Aihu Fist Subject: adrien part oneAdrien's diary part one by Aihu Fist All rights reserved.I was ten and looked into the mirror every day. My body was ivory white with here and there some freckles which I blamed my father for. The most fascinating part of my body was my penis and my balls. Next to my penis on the right side I had a big mole. I thought of Adrien Mole a character form a book who became famous through his diary. Strangely enough my middle name was Adrien too, so I thought I could write a diary myself. But it was going to be one concentrated on the growth of my penis, pubic hair and the size of my balls.I took out an old notebook from school and wrote: mole: diameter 0,5 cm.Penis flaccid: length 9 centimeter. Width: 1,5 centimeter.Penis slit in the head: 0,5 centimeter.Penis stiff in length 14 centimeter. Width 2 centimeter.Pubic hair: 1 and 1 centimeter long.Balls: 2 centimeter long.I wondered how many more hairs I would grow around the base of my penis. But just thinking of getting undressed and measure my private parts turned me on and made me all jittery inside. I pressed my penis and balls against the tall narrow mirror in the closet. It was cold. I placed my hands next to my face and kissed my lips on the mirror image.-I love you, I whispered and pressed my tongue against the boy in the looking glass.My penis grew rock hard and started ticking against the glass. I closed my eyes and imagine a boy from my class room I had a crush on. My hands left the spots by my face and snaked down on my sides, hips to my buttocks. I squeezed them hard and pushed them forward so that I was glued entirely to the mirror.-I love you darling, I said, I really do and you know what I will stroke your balls and penis for you to enjoy.So that's what happened, my hands glided down under my cheek folds and got hold of my balls. I massaged them gently upon which my penis got even harder beating the mirror. I stopped for a while because my heart beat faster too. I was not sure whether I wanted to continue because of this strange feeling I felt deep inside. A feeling that left me most shocked. I remembered experiencing the same when I got up the rope in gym class. That rope would rub against my crotch and make me sizzle in my stomach. Not that I hated it, it was just something that threw me off. My hand moved to my penis now and I asked: Do you like it Jimmy?Yes, I answered in Jimmy's place for he wasn't with me in the room. He was only here in my imagination of course, but my imagination was ever so strong at that point.-You have a beautiful Mickey, Jimmy. Look what I can do.So I pulled the foreskin of his down and a purple little snout appeared from it.-Now, don't be afraid, Jimmy- he was only seven- I will do it nicely so you can do it at home too and think of me.I pulled the skin which was extremely tight, up and down. After some five pull downs I had another weird sensation in my penis itself and in my groin.-Do you like it, Jimmy.-Oh yes, Adrien, I do, really I have never done this before.-yes I know, but I am in love with you and your little cute balls and butt. Everytime you climb the rope and can see them dangling out of your knickers and it makes me hard here. I think our Mickeys have been designed to make us feel ok in here. Look, I do it once more.-Oh, yes, please.Again I pulled it down but a little faster this time, but that really hit me with pangs between my poop hole and my sac.Jimmy said he enjoyed and didn't want me to stop.-No problem, Jimmy I love you, you know that. Now I squeeze it a little bit and rub it harder.-Oh, that is lovely Adrien.Adrien! Adrien! Who are you talking to?-Jesus that was my brother. He was three years older and he could beat the shit out of me if he saw what I was doing.-Not me, Uncensored Lolita Toplist it was the radio.-Open up, now!-Hang on, I am using the pee pot, you cannot see my naked.-All right, but hurry, we have to go Uncensored Lolita Toplist to the mass with mum and dad.I got fast in my knickers hid my hard Mickey with a T-shirt over it and opened up.-What were doing so long and why you lock the door, he asked infuriated. aihufistyahoo.com
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